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Travelling Head Cutting Presses

ATOM s588 Travellng Head Cutting Press

Travelling Head Cutting Presses supplied by Cutting Systems UK, focusing on the ATOM 588 Series which is the best performing cutting press available today. The most important features are:

  • High Trolley Displacement Speed
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Outstanding Reliability and Cutting Quality

Features that have always marked ATOM products as the World Leaders. The wide range of models, options and configurations make our Travelling Head Cutting Press able to satisfy any production need in a wide range of industrial applications.

Travelling Head Cutting Press Cut Counter

Every machine in the range can be installed with an optional Cut Counter to control the exact number of pieces cut or to allow for the automatic stop of the cutting session as soon as the desired quantity is reached

Travelling Head Cutting Press Feeding System

To maximise productivity every 588 Series model can be equipped with our optional feeding system for materials supplied on a roll, available in both manual and motorised versions.

Travelling Head Cutting Press Braking System

The exclusive and powerful braking system rapidly stops the trolley with virtually no wear and tear of the the motor gear box unit and so reduces the amount of primary maintenance required.

HS/HSP 588/40 2100x1400x2010 1600×650 650×650 40 – 392 1985
S/SP 588/40 2100x1400x1960 1600×650 650×650 40 – 392 1975
HS/HSP 588/14 2380x1410x2300 2000X500 500×500 30 – 294 1940
HS/HSP 588/11 2360x1660x2300 2000X750 500×750 30 – 294 2250
HS/HSP 588/10 2360x1660x2300 2000X750 750×750 30 – 294 2270
HS/HSP 588/3 1940x1400x2110 1600X500 500×500 25 – 245 1500
S/SP 588/3 1940x1400x2010 1600X500 500×500 25 – 245 1430

For more information on any of our Travelling Head Cutting Presses or Optional Extras please Contact one of our friendly specialists to discuss your exact requirements.

Have a more specific requirement then we offer custom-built systems, for more information please click the below button.