ATOM Full Beam Cutting Presses

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Atom Full Beam Cutting Presses

Full Beam Cutting Presses are the ideal solution for those who are looking for machines to Die Cut big batches or large shapes. Available in a wide range of models and configurations, Full Beam presses are the perfect solution to cut components for Automotive, Gaskets, Packaging, Filters, Abrasives, Foam, Insulation, Toys, Leather Goods and many other industries.

ATOM have sold well over 250 from this vast range into the UK over the last 30 years, most popular is the Foam, Leather & Gasket industry.

Like the Swing Beams these are also available with two different cutting modes, ‘timed’ & ‘stroke-end’, but each beam press comes with them both, not just one.

Do you already have an ATOM Beam Press, and require aftersales support or spare parts, then please contact us, we can still service machines from the 1980’s, our first beam presses in fact.

Full Beam Cutting Press Model S6110/2

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Full Beam Cutting Press Model S677

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UK Gasket and Sealing Association members!

By Simon Measures |

We are now proud members of the UK Gasket & Sealing Association (UKGSA) which is a trade association representing the specialised interests of companies engaged in the conversion of materials into gaskets and seals for all types of industrial use. Many of these companies have the ATOM dieless knife cutting system the ‘ATOM FlashCut’ and historically also the ATOM…


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